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ppf account opening form

PPF Forms

Public Provident Fund is a post office saving scheme that is launched by the Government of India to encourage saving among Indian residents. It has a fixed lock-in period of 15 years and currently has an interest of 7.1% per...

nsc vs ppf


Usually, individuals look for safety, returns and tax benefits when they want to invest. They also look for safe investment instruments which can help them meet their financial goals. To meet these purposes, there are two small savings schemes offered...

ppf rules

PPF Rules

PPF scheme is a quite popular scheme among investors. The Public Provident Fund PPF Scheme was launched by the National Savings Institute in 1968. The Government of India backs this scheme. Hence, the returns are guaranteed. The investment and interest...

nris continue to invest in ppf

NRIs can continue to invest in PPF

This article was first published on livemint. I had invested ₹10 lakh in Public Provident Fund (PPF) before leaving India. I have heard that PPF is not available anymore for NRIs. How would it impact me? What should I do now...

epf withdrawal form 31

EPF withdrawal Form 31

Employee Provident Fund EPF is one of the popular savings schemes introduced under the supervision of the government of India. Also, it is the main scheme under the Employee Provident Funds and Miscellaneous Act, 1952. Furthermore, this savings scheme is...

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nps vs ppf

NPS vs PPF- Meaning, Similarities, Differences, How to Choose?

Introduction The Public Provident Fund (PPF) and National Pension Scheme (NPS) are both launched to encourage savings and aid investors during retirement. Both offer similar tax benefits, are long term investments. Their similarity ends there. They are very different in...


KYC – How to Complete KYC

The increase in suspicious activities in the financial market has had a negative effect on the financial sector. The increase in financial crime deeply impacts the financial market. Therefore, there was a need to introduce strict procedures to know the...