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What is White Gold? Understanding the Metal and Its Properties

Gold in its purest form is yellow in color however as an alloy it is available as White Gold and Rose Gold too. Pure gold is 24 Karats, but it is soft, so other metals are added to it to...

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What is 916 Gold?

Gold is a yellow metal that is considered to be very precious in India. It is linked to most Indian traditions where people buy on the occasion of marriage, festival, anniversary, etc. While purchasing gold, its purity can be altered,...

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How does Gold Affects the Currency Value?

Gold is a precious yellow metal globally, and its value has been increasing over the past decade. For ages, in many countries, including India, gold has been considered a status of wealth. Also, gold was a symbol of being rich...

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Gold Schemes in India

India is among the world's largest consumers of gold and has a lot to gain from this precious metal. It is an auspicious metal purchased on special occasions such as weddings, birthdays, anniversaries, and even festivals. Owing to the charm...

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Difference Between Gold Coin vs Gold Bar

In India, gold is a go-to investment. Gold is consumed in every form like jewellery, coins or biscuits, and every special occasion is marked with the purchase of gold. Moreover, the Government of India has set up the Bureau of...

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Difference between 22k and 24k Gold

In India, people purchase gold either for investment purposes or as jewellery. While purchasing gold, there are different karats of gold available in the market. Do you know the difference between 24k vs 22k gold? Among 24k vs 22k which...

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Auspicious Days in 2024 to Buy Gold

Gold is among the most precious and rare metals on the planet. It is popular for its beauty as well as durability. It is also among the most reliable investment options. Indians prefer purchasing ornaments made of gold for everyday...