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Why are Mutual Funds Subject to Market Risk?

All the mutual fund schemes have a disclaimer ‘Mutual funds are subject to market risk. Read all scheme-related documents carefully.’ Like other investment instruments, mutual funds are also subjected to market risk. This is because there is no way to...

arn number in mutual funds

ARN Number in Mutual Funds

What is ARN Number in Mutual Funds? ARN in Mutual Funds is an acronym for AMFI Registration Number (ARN). It is a unique number given to a distributor or mutual fund expert. It is given for trading in different schemes....

short term capital gain on mutual funds

Short Term Capital Gain Tax on Mutual Funds

Short Term Capital Gain on Mutual Funds Short term capital gain tax arises on a sale of a capital asset by the taxpayer. Mutual funds fall under the definition of a capital asset for the purpose of taxation in India....

long term capital gain on mutual fund

Long Term Capital Gain Tax on Mutual Funds

LTCG on Mutual Funds Mutual funds are considered capital assets for the purpose of taxation under the Income Tax Act, 1961. Due to this recognition, the sale of any units of mutual funds is subject to capital gains. So now...

axis nasdaq 100 fund of fund offer review

Axis NASDAQ 100 Fund of Fund NFO Review

Axis to launch a new fund in the fund of fund category: Axis NASDAQ 100 Fund of Fund Axis Mutual Fund is launching a new FOF, Axis NASDAQ 100 Fund of Fund, that invests in units of ETFs focussed on...

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lic multi cap fund nfo review

LIC Multi Cap Fund Offer Review

LIC to launch a new NFO in the diversified equity category: LIC MultiCap Fund. LIC Mutual Fund is launching a new multi cap fund, LIC Multi Cap Fund, that offers a diversified portfolio by investing across market caps. The New...

idcw vs growth

IDCW vs Growth

There are multiple options for investors while investing in mutual funds based on their needs. But the two broad options mutual fund offers are Income Distribution Cum Withdrawal Pan (IDCW), previously known as the dividend option and the growth option....

flexi cap funds vs multi cap funds

Flexi Cap Funds vs Multi Cap Funds

Equity-oriented mutual funds could be a significant part of your portfolio if you are looking for wealth creation. Within equity-oriented mutual funds, there are other sub-categories of mutual funds, namely Multi-cap Funds and Flexi-cap Funds. Although both the subcategories of...