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How to invest in new funds?

Click on “Invest more” within any of the plans and you will see our recommended funds within each plan. If you wish to pick a fund of your choice, you can click on “ I want to pick my own...

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If I have any issues/concerns how can I reach you guys?

You can reach us on: 1800-102-1265 and on You can also reach out to your Relationship Manager.

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Will there be changes to the minimum withdrawal amount?

No, there will be no change to the minimum withdrawal amount. In case the withdrawal amount is less than Rs 1000 or you wish to withdraw all the units, then please click on "Withdraw All" while you are placing the...

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Will there be changes to minimum investment amount?

No. The minimum investment amount is decided by Asset Management Companies and thus will remain the same.

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Will I be able to cancel or modify my existing SIPs?

Yes, you would be able to cancel and modify your SIPs from the Scripbox platform.  For the SIP that is upcoming, you still have to reach out to us 10 working days before the scheduled SIP date.  If you’d like...

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Will my SIPs continue? Can I invest in all the same funds that upwardly used to offer?

Yes, your SIPs will continue and you can invest in the same funds going forward. There are restrictions (dividend payout, dividend reinvestment, fixed maturity plans, no lump sum investment funds) in the funds that Scripbox offers and if you have...

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Will my folio numbers be the same?

Yes. Your folio numbers will remain the same as they were at Upwardly.

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Where can I find mutual funds in the Scripbox app or website?

You can find mutual funds under the various plans listed within your dashboard. For curated equity funds you have long term wealth, for debt funds you have short term money, for liquid funds you have emergency fund, and for ELSS...