RBL bank leadership change

Key changes take place in RBL Bank leadership, RBI steps in

While the developments at the helm of RBL bank have hit the bank’s stock price, investors can take heart from RBI’s statements and the management’s communication on the situation. We are watching the developments closely. We also believe individual fund managers are well placed to protect investor interests and take appropriate actions in their respective portfolios.


HSBC Mutual Fund acquires L&T Finance’s MF arm for Rs 3,200 Cr

The acquisition serves both HSBC AMC’s growth plans and L&T Finance’s strategic aim to strengthen its balance sheet. For investors in L&T AMC’s funds, though, little is likely to change at this stage. Fund managers and leadership remain the same. We will keep an eye on this and inform you if something fundamental changes.

shriram group

Shriram consolidates group companies to create India’s largest NBFC

Shriram group’s consolidation exercise will create India’s largest NBFC, Shriram Finance Ltd. While the market has reacted negatively to this, for now, the long term impact on investor wealth is unclear. It’s definitely something we will keep our eye on and see how it all pans out.

telecom tariff

Talk is no longer cheap as prepaid tariffs hiked by major telecom players

Improving profitability is a key driver that is driving major telecom players to increase pre-paid tariffs. It is hoped that this move will do much to make the sector sustainable and financially healthy. In the long run, this move is likely to have a positive impact on investor wealth.


How much will I be charged when investing with Stockal?

Below are the charges which will be charged: Account Opening and Maintenance Charges: 0Third Party Charges:Brokerage (on buy and sell trades) 0.50% of the trade value (minimum $1 per trade)One Time Account Setup: $5 (for processing of Form W-8BEN to prevent...

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What are the steps to place a withdrawal request from my US Stocks account, where my source bank is in India but the destination bank is in a different country?

You need to send a withdrawal request letter with the required details mentioned below:Your nameYour Stockal account numberWithdrawal amount in USD ($)Reason for the withdrawalWhy it is requested to a different countryDestination bank’s Bank account numberYour name as per the...

US Fed

US Fed may hike rates. Will it impact Indian Equity?

In the short term, there may be a negative impact as FPIs invest less in emerging markets, including Indian equity, thanks to a potential rate hike in the US. Indian domestic consumption and economic revival will be mitigating factors.

SEBI mf news

What are the NAV applicability norms in mutual funds starting from 1st February 2021

This is in relation to a SEBI circular published on 17th September 2020, on the Uniformity in the applicability of Net Asset Value across various schemes upon realization of funds