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how does the lock in of tax saving elss funds work

How Does The 3 Year Lock In Of ELSS Funds Work?

Tax saving funds are awesome, they are the best thing when it comes to saving tax! You have probably heard this enough and you are either tired of hearing that or irritated. So, instead, we’ll talk about a small technicality that a lot of people need clarity on.

equity long term blog

Why equity works for the long-term?

Equity is like your career, you can’t judge where you will be in 20 years based on just the first year of your job.

what is short term money

What’s Short Term Money And How Does It Help You?

I’m sure at least 2-3 things came to your mind. The money you need for these 2-3 purposes is your short term money

childs education needs investment plan

Your child’s college education needs an investment action plan

Your child’s education calls for a detailed financial plan. Here’s how you can make one using mutual funds!

ctc not taxable income

Your CTC Is Not Your Taxable Income. Surprised?

Make sure you know your taxable income before you start planning to save taxes. It may just happen that you don’t even need to make tax saving investments.

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i am new to investing blog

“I’m new to investing. Is there an order in which I should start investing?”

How do you get started with investing? What do you save for first? "Dude, I just signed up with Scripbox. What should I save and invest for first?" A friend of mine asked me this question just after his wedding....

are you covered blog

Are you covered?

Do you need life insurance cover? Well, the answer depends on you. The benefits of insuring your life will be availed by your loved ones who depend on you when you are not there.

6 questions to ask yourself before you invest

6 Questions To Ask Yourself Before You Invest

Recently, a friend of mine said, “I should probably go beyond merely saving”. Now he is a person who hasn’t really invested anywhere except for keeping money in the bank.

If you have been saying this a lot to yourself thanks to peers or family or changing circumstances in your life, you might be ready for, and need, investing. You should, however, know certain basic facts about yourself and your conditions before you take the leap. Start by asking yourself these questions.