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got an fd know this about tds

Got An FD? Here’s Something You Should Know About TDS.

The interest that you earn on your fixed deposit is taxable.

10 days of dusshera

10 Money And Finance Barriers To Remove From Your Life

Here are 10 barriers that you need to get rid of if you want to realize your financial destiny.

are you saving enough

“I am 32 and married. Am I saving enough?”

Whether you save 5% or 50% of your monthly income, how do you come to know if that is “enough”?

what can i do with 1000 rupees

Do You Save Rs. 1000 per month? Here Are 3 Smart Things You Can Do With It.

Rs. 1000 probably looks like a small amount these days. But you know what? It’s exactly the right amount to do something smart about.

When is an emergency fund

6 Situations Where An Emergency Fund Can Be Your Personal Bodyguard

Why do you even need an emergency fund if you are doing most things right?

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tax saving mutual funds

Why Tax Saving Mutual Funds Are A Great Way To Start With Equity

The mandatory lock-in can prove to be a boon for you as an investor learning to give your equity investments time. Your investment gets minimum 3 years of uninterrupted time to grow.

30 is the right age

Why 30 Is Not Late To Start With Equity – It’s Smart.

We are at that stage of our careers when we have a decent amount of experience behind us and no one consider us “newbs”. Our salaries start looking respectable for the most part but our responsibilities have also increased. A lot of us have families now and their future is tied to ours.

got your salary

Got Your Salary? Here’s The First Thing You Should Do

So starting this month, begin paying yourself first rather than your expenses and make the shift towards financial freedom.