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5 steps to ensure you are never out of a job

5 Steps To Ensure You Are Never Out Of A Job

Investing is not just about investing to grow your money, it’s also to grow your ability to make money.

Questions first time investor blog

5 Questions First Time Investors Ask Us

We have covered many of these questions in our articles over time and decided to put them together at one place for you.

beyond 80c

3 Ways You Can Save Tax Beyond 80C

Here are three ways you can save a bit more in addition to the deductions allowed under Sec. 80C. Note that not all might apply to you but if they do, you can unlock more tax savings this year.

shiny new gadget scripbox

Is that shiny new gadget worth 50 days of your life?

What if you had to pay for something with your time rather than money? Curious? We can use this to decide the worth of different things which compete for our money.

love to spend on things

Love To Spend On Things That Make You Happy? Here’s Why You Probably Should

We write a lot of articles about how to plan your spending – but most of these are about necessary spending. By ignoring what gives us pleasure and forcing ourselves to ‘sacrifice’ we may not be helping our long term plan.

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aniruddha atul bhagwat

Passion with a plan – Aniruddha Bhagwat, Director, Ideosphere – I had a financial plan for myself ready by the time I was 23.

Aniruddha Atul Bhagwat is a young entrepreneur who, along with his co-founder and leadership team, aspires to redefine communications in India. With a focus on emerging brands and start-ups, Ideosphere, intends to bring stakeholder insights and consumer focus to communications to the forefront. Aniruddha has been one of the few entrepreneurs who has been focused on a solid financial education to help him achieve his goals.

aadhar uid

5 good reasons For getting and remembering your aadhaar UID

As it turns out, there are a few very good reasons for having an Aadhaar UID, and remembering it. Aadhaar helps the government know and confirm that you exist and are a resident of this country. This in turn helps you a lot.

5 mistakes made with money

5 Mistakes I Made With Money (And How I Am Correcting Them)

If I had strictly invested in long term instruments, my savings would have multiplied manifold.