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A prolific communicator and personal finance aficionado, Satyam, has helped evangelise the message of prudent financial decision making through the Scripbox blog. A firm believer in continuous learning, he holds multiple certifications through NSE and has authored hundreds of articles on the Scripbox blog on everything from investing strategy to smart personal finance.

aadhar uid

5 good reasons For getting and remembering your aadhaar UID

As it turns out, there are a few very good reasons for having an Aadhaar UID, and remembering it. Aadhaar helps the government know and confirm that you exist and are a resident of this country. This in turn helps you a lot.

5 mistakes made with money

5 Mistakes I Made With Money (And How I Am Correcting Them)

If I had strictly invested in long term instruments, my savings would have multiplied manifold.

mba post

Does Getting An MBA Make Financial Sense? – An Answer For The Working Professional

An MBA is just like a long term financial investment, and at Scripbox we believe that investments should follow your goals. Make sure your MBA decision does too.


A Step-by-step Guide To Increasing Your Income Through Freelancing

You offer a service as a full-time or a part-time contractor for a business or another individual, typically billed on an hourly or per-project basis, remotely from home.

manage financial crisis

A Step-by-Step Approach To Manage Sudden Financial Crisis

Surprises are not always fun. An unexpected expense, especially a big one, can lay rest to the best of your budgeting efforts.

Someone in your family fell sick and you had to pay for the medical expenses, or your sibling wanted emergency cash for a college trip. The financial consequences, in either case, might not be good.While your salary is unlikely to double overnight, here is a plan you can use to make your salary last longer for the duration of the crisis.

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