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us stock market timings

US Stock Market Opening and Closing Timings

US Stock Market Timings A stock market is a barometer of the economic health of the country. The world is a global economy, and trade takes place at a global level. Investors and traders look for opportunities to trade all...

Central Government Provides Relief from Rising Fuel Prices

The government finally provided some relief from high fuel prices thanks to an announced cut in excise duty on petrol and diesel. The move will benefit both corporate India and people like you and us who feel the pinch at fuel stations and elsewhere.

fixed income is it enough for retirement

Armed forces personnel? Know what is commutation & how should you invest your commutation lumpsum.

Learn how is commutation calculated and how you can go about investing this significant lump sum amount effectively

market high 2021

Why are Indian markets rising so much in 2022 and is it justified?

As the Sensex approaches 60,000 and Nifty nears 18,000 we explore whether it’s all speculation or are there real underlying causes that support this meteoric rise?

financial freedom truth bytes

Seven truth bytes on financial independence on the 75th Independence Day

Seven truths you need to understand in your pursuit of financial independence and freedom

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american depositary receipts

American Depositary Receipts (ADR)

What is American Depositary Receipts ADR? American Depositary Receipt or ADR is a negotiable certificate of shares of a foreign company. The U.S. Bank that owns these shares issues an ADR against them. ADR may comprise a portion of shares,...

us stock market terms

US Stock Market Terms for Beginners

A US Stocks market or a financial market is a place where individuals participate to invest, trade and earn profits. However, it is not a physical place and complex terms like bull market, bear market, market capitalisation, volatility, and margin...

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NASDAQ Composite Index – How it works?

NASDAQ Composite Index, or simply NASDAQ, is the main index on the NASDAQ stock exchange. It includes more than 3,000 stocks and the technology industry, and the consumer services industry dominate the index. The article covers in detail the NASDAQ...