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senior citizen saving scheme

Senior Citizen Saving Scheme (SCSS)

What is SCSS? Senior Citizens Savings Scheme (SCSS) is a post office savings scheme for senior citizens that offers safety and regular income to its investors. It is also a tax saving plan. It suits retired investors looking for a...

Exit Load in Mutual Funds

What is Exit Load? Exit Load refers to an exit penalty or commission to the fund-house if an investor exits the fund during the lock-in period. The expense ratio and exit load are different. Therefore, before investing in a mutual...

How Mutual Funds Work

How do Mutual Funds work in India?

The most common advice one receives when the topic of investments comes up is this: if you start investing in mutual funds, you will get rich! But for some reason, nobody seems to have a clear answer to the ever so common question of how mutual funds work? We’ll address that topic today.

Gilt Funds

Gilt Funds in India

What are gilt funds? In India Gilt Funds are investment schemes that invest in Government Securities. The Reserve Bank of India (RBI) on behalf of the government issues these securities. These securities have varying maturities – medium to long term....

small cap funds

What are small-cap mutual funds? A guide about how they work in India

A company’s value is determined by its market capitalization which is nothing but the market value of its shares  In India, companies having a market capitalization of less than Rs. 500 cr. is classified as a small-cap company. This article...

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mutual funds sahi hai

Mutual Funds Sahi Hai

'Mutual Fund Sahi Hai' campaign launched in March 2017 by AMFI. The campaign promotes exactly what it states 'mutual funds are the right choice.' The aim of the campaign was to promote mutual funds and educate investors. The campaign is...

liquid funds

Liquid Funds in India – Benefits & How to invest in Liquid Mutual Funds

A liquid fund is an open-ended debt based mutual fund with an investment objective of creating a highly liquid corpus of for the investors.

home loan repayment

Pre Pay Home Loan or Invest in Mutual Funds

Decision making can be tedious when multiple options are available. Financial decisions always seem the most difficult ones to make. In the era where home loans are available at such cheap interest rates, one can easily get a loan to...