Sannihitha Ponaka

growth rate

Growth Rate

What is the growth rate of India in 2020? India GDP Growth Rate was forecasted to drop by 18% during 2020 however it exceeded the expected forecast as it went lower by 11% only in the first 2 months of...

trading platform

Trading Platform

What is the difference between a broker and a trading platform? The broker is a person who facilitates the deal between the buyer and the seller in order to confirm the trade against commission, on the other hand the trading...

cost of living

Cost of Living

Which city in India has the lowest cost of living? With work from home becoming a new factor, shifting to new places to save up on living costs is being considered as an option. While people in Mumbai usually complain...

bond duration

Bond Duration

What is the effective duration of a bond? Effective duration is the sensitivity of the price of a bond against the benchmark yield curve. One can assess the risk of a bond by estimating the percentage change in the price...

corporate bonds

Corporate Bonds in India

Investors who are looking for investment options that offer fixed returns in exchange for their capital opt for Investment Bonds. They may choose from Corporate Bonds, Central Government Bonds, State Government Bonds, and Public Sector Bonds. These investment instruments offer...

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absolute return

Absolute Return

Investors would want to periodically check how much their investment has grown or how much a potential investment would give. With technological advancements, one can easily use online calculators to estimate their returns. However, having the knowledge on calculating mutual...

section 80ccd

Section 80CCD

Section 80CCD of the Income Tax Act, 1961 provides for a tax deduction against a contribution made towards the National Pension Scheme and the Atal Pension Yojana. Section 80CCD provides for a tax deduction to the individual taxpayer on fulfillment...



A stock is a unit of ownership that a stockholder possesses in the organization. The percentage of ownership depends on the number of shares or stocks an individual owns out of the total capitalization of the organization. It is important...