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absolute return

Absolute Return

Investors would want to periodically check how much their investment has grown or how much a potential investment would give. With technological advancements, one can easily use online calculators to estimate their returns. However, having the knowledge on calculating mutual...

section 80ccd

Section 80CCD

Section 80CCD of the Income Tax Act, 1961 provides for a tax deduction against a contribution made towards the National Pension Scheme and the Atal Pension Yojana. Section 80CCD provides for a tax deduction to the individual taxpayer on fulfillment...



A stock is a unit of ownership that a stockholder possesses in the organization. The percentage of ownership depends on the number of shares or stocks an individual owns out of the total capitalization of the organization. It is important...

crisil rating

CRISIL Ratings

Credit Rating Information Services of India Limited CRISIL is India's first rating agency. It rated a wide range of financial instruments, companies, entities, and organizations. CRISIL ratings act as a guide to investors, borrowers, lenders, and market intermediaries. They cover...

credit rating

Know all about Credit Rating in India

Credit rating is an analysis of an organisation's creditworthiness and credit quality. A credit rating agency performs a detailed analysis of financial instruments of an entity. The rating scales range from AAA to D based on how safe the instruments...

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blue chip funds

Best Blue Chip Funds

's Best Blue Chip Funds to Invest FundsCategory3 Year ReturnAxis Bluechip FundLarge Cap12.2%ICICI Prudential Bluechip FundLarge Cap17.1%HDFC Top 100 FundLarge Cap15.2%Kotak Blue Chip FundLarge Cap16%SBI Blue Chip FundLarge Cap16.1%Canara Robeco Bluechip Equity FundLarge Cap16.9%Principal Emerging Bluechip FundLarge Cap21.9%Mirae Asset Emerging...

best child plan

Best Child Investment Plan 2023

Parents want to give their child the best living, the best education and the best health care. But taking care of a child requires parents to have deep pockets. Hence, it is always better for parents to devise a financial...

wealth creation

Wealth Creation – Meaning, Importance and Investment Plans

What is wealth creation? Wealth creation is the process of investing in different asset classes where the investments will help in fulfilling  key needs. These investments should also be self-contained that can generate a stable source of income, helping one...