Sanjiv Singhal

Sanjiv Singhal is a Founder and Chief Product Officer of Scripbox and has been working at the intersection of finance & technology for 30+ years. He is a product visionary who wants to take the complexity out of investing and deliver delightful customer experiences

What to keep in mind when planning your finances

Whenever you create a financial plan for yourself, you will need to make a set of assumptions. These will help you figure out how much and how long it will take to reach your financial goals.

taxes on mutual funds withdrawal

Taxes On Mutual Funds Withdrawal?

It depends on how long you stayed invested and whether you have invested in equity mutual funds, debt mutual funds or hybrid funds.

sebi mf news

Mutual fund companies will now allot units only after receiving money

We believe that this is not of importance to consumers because the exact date of allotment of units has very little bearing on your outcomes over the long term. If you are doing a SIP, you don’t really know what the market condition would be on any given day in the future.

debt fund analysis

Franklin Templeton to wind up 6 debt funds. What’s happening?

There is no need for Scripbox investors to worry. Our fund selection algorithms have always managed such risks by design and none of the impacted funds are recommended by Scripbox

financial freedom

The nine levels of financial freedom you should aim for

Most of us associate financial freedom with not needing a job. But while a complete retirement may be a few years away, here are nine levels of progress that you can measure yourself against.

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money relation

Is your relationship with money complicated?

Before you make that next big purchase, ask yourself if it is really going to add any real value to your life?

budget 2018 implications or mutual fund investors

Budget 2018: Implications For Mutual Fund Investors

We review the two proposals that most impact investors in equity mutual funds and conclude that there is no reason for investors in equity mutual funds to panic and take any action.

forget the union budget blog

Forget the union budget – focus on your own

The Union Budget 2017, was released last week, but in my view, it is a good time to evaluate your own budget.