Sanjiv Singhal

Sanjiv Singhal is a Founder and Chief Product Officer of Scripbox and has been working at the intersection of finance & technology for 30+ years. He is a product visionary who wants to take the complexity out of investing and deliver delightful customer experiences

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Do this one thing to face market down turns with confidence

Everyone is worried about the state of the markets. It’s difficult to watch your investments reduce in value.

large cap

What are large caps, mid caps, and small caps?

If you are unsure what the term “cap” has to do with mutual funds, don’t worry. Here’s a simple guide to understanding the whole thing.

over diversification in mutual funds

What is diversification and over-diversification of Mutual Funds?

The most common metaphor for diversification is not having all your eggs in one basket. The portfolio theory definition of it is slightly different.

financial freedom

The nine levels of financial freedom you should aim for

Most of us associate financial freedom with not needing a job. But while a complete retirement may be a few years away, here are nine levels of progress that you can measure yourself against.


When Is The best Time To Withdraw From Your Mutual Fund

Don’t act impulsively every time you see a gain or a loss.

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Is your relationship with money complicated?

Before you make that next big purchase, ask yourself if it is really going to add any real value to your life?

save and invest

Use these 8 simple tricks to be in charge of your expenses and save more

All of us understand the benefits of saving and managing our money better. It seems simple enough – put aside a small amount every month as savings. Yet many of us find it hard to save and our expenses leave us struggling at the end of every month.

taxation in mutual funds

Understanding taxation in Mutual Funds

Just the way your salary is taxed as per the income tax slab rates, the gains you make from your mutual fund investments are also taxed but the rules are different. Let’s look at how different types of mutual funds (MF) are taxed depending on the holding period.