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Investing 101 For Your 20s

When you're in your 20s, saving and investing money is probably the last thing on your mind. First job, first salary, and financial freedom can be overwhelming. We all wish to be carefree and enjoy our salary by taking a...

invest rs 1000 every month

How much can I make if I invest Rs.1000 every month ?

Pandit Nehru once threw a 100 rupee note across the Ganga in 1947 and Indira Gandhi caught it on the other side. I tried the same yesterday from my room, and it couldn’t even cross my bed. Why? Because 100...

secret trick of investing

5 Secret Tricks for Safe Investment

Looking to park your money in a safe investment product with the low risk of fixed deposits and yet gives you better returns? All through your childhood, your parents probably told you to save for your future. Which is what you...

rules for first time investors

3 Golden Investing Rules For First Time Jobbers

A huge car, a luxurious home, lavish holidays and a cushy retirement — can you imagine a better life for yourself? All this means you should either have a very large income or a very good plan to meet all these goals,...

cost of delayed investment

The Cost of Delayed Investment

People tend to delay their investment each day to the following day with a mindset that it hardly makes any difference if the investment is delayed by 24 hours. But delayed investment could turn out to expensive. Find out how....

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elss tax benefits

ELSS tax benefits are available for both Indian residents and NRIs

This article was first published on livemint. Are there any tax-saving advantages in NRI mutual funds? Equity-linked saving schemes (ELSS) allow tax saving under Section 80C of the Indian Income Tax Act. An investment of up to ₹1.50 lakh in ELSS...

insurance cum retirement

Should employees seek ESOPs in lieu of a higher salary?

ESOPs benefit employees when a company executes a buyback or launches an Initial Public Offering (IPO). This makes ESOPs a great tool for you to build wealth.

DIY investor

Top 4 considerations on company equity plans for employees

Here’s what you, as a potential employee, need to keep in mind when choosing between equity plans for employees.