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That bitter moment has come when you have to accept the truth. Things have changed. The initial bliss of moving in with your boyfriend is now replaced by two strangers silently living a bad decision. Walking away is the only solution, but in this moment of heartbreak, harsh reality sets in.

In happier days your income seemed enough for the time being. After splitting the costs over a few things, you have been making ends meet with soft loans and the reassurance that eventually you will find your feet with him by your side, always. After all, isn’t that love? Now he is all but gone except for one thing — you have no financial independence.

A testing atmosphere with office peers and a boss who takes an interest in all about you except your work has left you on the brink of professional break-down. The lifestyles you kept up with, the gadgets, the nights out in places you couldn’t really afford and the career breaks that never were have caught up with you.

The only way to weather the storm is to ‘zombie walk’ in a long dead relationship, continuing the emotional torture while your ‘9 to 5’ becomes the fire around your frying pan. You hate your job, you hate each other but you have nowhere to go. It is in such overwhelming situations that you wish you could start all over. But breaking up from a relationship or quitting your job simply because it is not working out is not easy until you are financially stable. This is where a breakup fund comes in.

A breakup fund is a secret stash of money for those situations that we don’t wish for, but are more common than we think. It is your little insurance that you can fall back to in case you want to leave a relationship, quit a job or for other emergency situations. A breakup fund is the refresh button of your life.

So how exactly do you secure yourself financially in the future? You start anew. You may have to look for a new place and chart out your daily food expenses. Once you have enough money in your account and have achieved some stability, start looking for a new job. Austerity mode has kicked in, and you need to save a portion of your regular salary to create a breakup fund. And this is where you need to get into the technicalities of the bold and limitless world of financial investments.

Where should I put my Money?

Do not be overwhelmed by your options. For your scenario, the best investment would be a liquid mutual fund that has higher returns, and allows quick withdrawal of money. You could even put your money in a short-term debt fund which gives 8–9% returns. Not bad for a (re)start.

Looking for trustworthy guidance regarding this crucial financial decision? At Scripbox, we understand the real life situations people face and we provide the financial solutions that can give them an escape route. Scripbox helps you create a balanced breakup fund to help ensure that you will not lose your respect and stand up for what is right, no matter what the sacrifices are.

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*All returns are indicative basis past performance. Actual performance can vary.*