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Pabitra has extensive experience in covering personal finance and investment planning related topic. His career includes time in improving search presence, writing and editing for a variety of activity in financial domains. Throughout his career, he has helped readers and individuals finding their financial freedom and making smart financial decision in their life.

Monthly Income Fixed Deposits

2 Lakh FD Interest per Month

Investing 2 lakhs in a fixed deposit can yield substantial monthly returns. This opportunity offers a stable income stream and financial security. However, it's important to note that the interest rates on FDs can vary over time. Therefore, checking for...

Monthly Income Fixed Deposits

10 Lakh FD Monthly Interest per Month

Investing a large sum of money, such as 10 lakhs, in fixed deposits (FDs) can help you generate a steady monthly income and achieve your financial goals. However, it is important to do your research, compare interest rates, and choose...

Monthly Income Fixed Deposits

10 Crores FD Monthly Interest per Month

You can achieve your financial goals and generate a consistent monthly income by investing in fixed deposits (FDs). It's essential to conduct careful research, evaluate interest rates, and pick a reliable bank or financial institution to ensure a hassle-free investing...

Monthly Income Fixed Deposits

Monthly Interest for 1 Lakh in Fixed Deposit

Investing 1 lakh in a fixed deposit (FD) can be a conservative and low-risk approach to preserve your capital and earn a stable return. However, it's important to note that the interest rates on FDs can vary over time. Therefore,...

Monthly Income Fixed Deposits

1 Crore FD Monthly Interest per Month

By making an investment of 1 crore in fixed deposits (FDs), you can reach your financial objectives and generate a steady monthly income. However, thorough research, comparing interest rates, and selecting a trustworthy bank or financial institution are crucial things...

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Mutual Fund Knowledge Base

SIP Withdrawal Charges in Mutual Fund February 2024

What are SIP Withdrawal Charges in Mutual Funds? Mutual fund withdrawal charges or exit loads are levied by the fund house to discourage investors from redeeming their investments too quickly. Scripbox does not have any withdrawal charges. However, at the...

Mutual Fund Knowledge Base

How to Change or Update my Details

How do I change my address? You can change your address by following the below procedures. Log in to your Scripbox account Click on Profile–>Settings–>Manage Family Click on your name Click on Address–>Permanent Address–>Edit and submit. Once done, request you...

Mutual Fund Knowledge Base

What is the Difference Between Trail and Upfront Commission?

An upfront commission is paid to the broker or mutual fund distributor on the same month as the purchase of the mutual fund investments. A trail commission is paid every year until the investment is withdrawn. What is Trail Commission?...