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Pabitra has extensive experience in covering personal finance and investment planning related topic. His career includes time in improving search presence, writing and editing for a variety of activity in financial domains. Throughout his career, he has helped readers and individuals finding their financial freedom and making smart financial decision in their life.

Financial Calculators

GPF Calculator

What is the General Provident Fund in India? The General Provident Fund (GPF) is a long-term savings scheme available to government employees in India. It is a provident fund account that aims to provide financial security and a savings avenue...

Financial Calculators

Simple Interest Calculator

What is Simple Interest (SI)? Simple interest is a method of calculating the interest on a loan or an investment. It is based on a fixed percentage of the original amount, known as the principal, and does not take into...

Financial Calculators

Savings Calculator

Savings Account Interest Rates3.5% p.a.Total InvestmentRs. 11,200/-Investment Tenure12 MonthsInterest EarnedRs. 396/-Compounding FrequencyQuarterlyTotal SavingsRs. 11,596/- Explore: Savings Account Interest Rates in What is savings? Savings refer to the money that you set aside or keep in a bank account for future...

Monthly Salary Calculator

Salary Calculator – Check Monthly Take Home Salary

Monthly EarningRs. 1,00,000/-Annual EarningRs. 12,00,000/-Monthly DeductionRs. 1,400/-Annual DeductionRs. 16,800/-Net Monthly SalaryRs. 98,600/-Net Annual SalaryRs. 11,83, 200/- Advantages of Using Salary Calculator A salary calculator is an invaluable tool that provides numerous advantages and effectively manages financial matters. Here are how...

retirement corpus

Date of Retirement for Government and Private Employees

Retirement date calculator or Superannuation date calculator for employees will find your date of retirement from your date of birth. You can also find your current age and year of service from the calculator by providing DOB and retirement age....

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