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financially responsible five things

Want to be financially responsible? Do these five things.

Essentially, five things can make you financially responsible

nri selling property in india

NRI’s Complete guide to taxes while selling property in India

Tax and regulations relating to the selling of house property in India are different for NRIs as compared to that of an Indian resident.

should i invest in index funds in india

Should you invest in index funds?

While Indian equity markets are moving towards efficiency, fund managers still have a role to play.

home saver loan

Does a Super-Saver home loan really live up to its promise?

It allows the borrower to save on interest payments (or repay loan faster) by parking any surplus funds into the linked bank account.

how much should i spend on a phone

How much should you spend on your Smartphone?

Often, people buy phones that they can’t afford. How does one figure out if a smart phone is apt for you?

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How much should you donate to charity?

How much to donate is a personal choice. While you may or may not follow any rules, it is always a good idea to donate, according to your capacity and without stretching your finances.

how much should you spend on vacation

How much should you spend on your holiday?

A family vacation is a time to relax, enjoy, and spend quality time with your loved ones. However, not budgeting for it isn’t great for your finances. Here are some guidelines to make sure that all goes according to plan.

how to find lost mutual fund folio number

Know how to trace your forgotten mutual fund money

Fret not as we give you a lowdown on the ways to trace back your forgotten MF investments.