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floating interest rate bonds

Are floating-rate bond funds the right way to ride the rising interest rates?

Is there a way to benefit from rising interest rates? Mutual funds tout floating-rate bond funds as the answer.

Auto debit rule

All you need to know about RBI’s new auto-debit rule

RBI recently asked all the banks to use two-factor authentication for auto-debit transactions on their credit and debit cards. Let’s understand how it will affect your online transactions going forward.

cbdt notice

What NRIs need to know about the recent residency circular by CBDT

For one, the CBDT has refrained from giving any specific exemption in the number of days of stay for the financial year 2020-21

indian abroad

How an NRI should act upon Budget 2021

Budget 2021 had some interesting announcements for NRIs, including on issues like double taxation.

smoking insurance

A Smoker’s guide to buying insurance

Here is a smoker’s guide to getting the best from their insurance buying

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taxman calculates your tax liability

Got Gifts? Know how the Taxman calculates your tax liability

Sometimes a gift can create a tax incidence. Know about gifts and taxes in this article.

nri tds

All you need to know about TDS and tax refunds as an NRI

Here is a low-down on TDS under various income heads for an NRI and methods to reduce it or seek refunds.

nri rental income

How can NRIs make the most of their rental earnings in India?

As an NRI, there are two aspects to make the most of your rental earnings. One is pertaining to the laws governing the rental income (including its tax consequences). The second, relates to the investment process to channelize such income towards meeting a definite financial goal.