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What is assessment in gst and their types

Assessment in GST: Learn About the GST Assessment Procedure

One of the many benefits of the GST regime is the assessment and self-assessment of GST. These processes are introduced to facilitate ease of calculation, tax-paying simplicity and global competitiveness promotion.  Let us understand the meaning of self-assessment and assessment...

appeal and revision under gst

Know About Appeal and Revision under GST

Before understanding the concept of appeal under GST, let us first understand what an appeal is.  Technically, the concept of appeal is linked with the concept of disputes. So, the difference of opinion over an incident of tax-based non-compliance is...

tds under gst and their applicability


When an entity deducts Tax Deduction at source or TDS under GST, they need to file monthly returns with GSTR-7. TDS on GST must be filed by the TDS deductor (who deducts the prescribed tax from the payments credited to...

What is gstr 2a?

GSTR 2A: All You Need to Know

GSTR 2A is a GSTR-1 return that is automatically generated by the seller's GSTR-1 for the GST-registered buyer. GSTR-2A captures the information filed by the seller's GSTR-1. It is a dynamic, purchase-related tax return, as it can change based on...

what is gstr 2b

GSTR 2B: All You Need to Know

GSTR 2B has been recently updated on the GST portal. It was introduced from the August 2020 tax period. It is the Input Tax Credit (ITC) auto-generated statement. The generation of this statement is independent of whether the taxpayer has...

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gst registration online

GST Registration Online: Step-by-Step Guide on How to Apply for a GST Number

Goods and Services Tax or GST registration might be an essential stepping stone for your business. You should accomplish the GST registration process soon and get your unique GST number. But how do I get a GST number? Or, who...

Documents required for GST registration

List of New Documents Required to GST Registration

Suppose you have reached here looking for "GST registration documents" or "new GST registration documents". In that case, you might be aware of GST. If not, GST or Goods and Services Tax is the new direct tax regime that was...

types of gst in india

GST Types: What are the types of GST in India?

Goods and Services Tax, as its name suggests, is a tax on the sale and purchase of goods and services in India. Introduced on July 1, 2017, different types of GST encompass numerous other indirect taxes like VAT (Value Added...