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section 234f of income tax act and fees under sec 234f

Section 234F of Income Tax Act

Ideally, taxpayers should ensure that they are filing their Income Tax Returns (ITR) on time. However, failing to do so can attract a penalty for late ITR filing. Section 234F of the Income Tax Act is all about the late...

sec 269st of income tax act

Section 269ST of Income Tax Act: What is 269ST

Section 26ST of the Income Tax Act comes into power when a person receives a cash amount of ₹2 lacs or more. Sec 269ST states that no individual shall receive a cash amount of more than ₹2 lacs in aggregate...

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Income Tax On Intraday Trading – How Profits From Intraday Trading Are Taxed?

As traders earn profits by buying and selling stocks on the same day, they need to be aware of tax on intraday trading. This tax on intraday training is a form of income tax on gains earned through the trading...

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What is the Pre-Open Market Session?

As the word suggests, the pre-open market session is a trading session before the regular market session. So, as the traditional market session spans between 09:15 AM and 03:30 PM, a pre-open market session spans for 15 minutes between 09:00...

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