HDFC NPS Calculator

What is HDFC NPS Calculator?

HDFC NPS Calculator helps in estimating the return from NPS investments. The HDFC NPS calculator helps in estimating the potential monthly pension and the total amount of wealth gained. On the basis of the inputs, the calculator estimates the returns. Furthermore, the NPS calculator will automatically compute the NPS pension amount and wealth gained from the NPS investment.

HDFC NPS Calculator Requirement

The HDFC National Pension Scheme calculator requires the following inputs:

  • Investment Type: Monthly or Yearly
  • Investment Amount: The amount you wish to invest in an HDFC NPS scheme in a month or year.
  • Age
  • Expected Rate of Return
  • Percentage of Annuity Purchase
  • Expected Return on Annuity
  • Period of Annuity

HDFC NPS Maturity Value Calculation

With the given inputs, the HDFC NPS calculator determines the following values:

For 30 Years of Contribution

  • Principal Amount: Sum of all the HDFC NPS contributions.
  • Interest Earned
  • Pension Wealth
  • Annuity Reinvested

After Retirement

  • Lumpsum Amount Withdrawn
  • Pension per Month: Estimate of the monthly pension on the basis of the corpus amount at the time of retirement.

How to use HDFC NPS Calculator?

Scripbox’s HDFC NPS calculator is available online and also is free to use. You can determine the potential NPS returns using this calculator. Firstly, visit the Scripbox website to determine the potential returns from NPS investments.

Let us understand how to use Scripbox’s NPS Calculator with the help of an example.

Mr Arvind, who is 35 years old, wishes to invest INR 1,50,000 per annum in the HDFC NPS scheme. Also, he expects a return on investment of 9%, and the percentage of annuity purchase is 42%. Furthermore, his expected return on the annuity is 7%, and the period of annuity is 20 years. On the basis of the inputs, the NPS calculator automatically computes the following:

For 30 Years of Contribution

  • Principal Amount: INR 12,50,000
  • Interest Earned: INR 33,66,199
  • Pension Wealth: INR 46,16,199
  • Annuity Reinvested: INR 19,38,804

After Retirement

  • Lumpsum Amount Withdrawn: INR 26,77,395
  • Pension per Month: INR 15,032

Therefore, Mr Arvind can potentially get a monthly pension of around INR 15,032 after retirement.