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stock return

Stock Return

What is a good return on a stock? The main factor to be considered in order to determine a good return is the risk level, for example investing in penny stocks is a high risk of loosing the investment but...

commodity index

Commodity Index – Meaning and How it Works?

A commodity index is an alternative investment vehicle that tracks the prices and returns on investment of a basket of commodities. It tracks currencies, agri commodities, energy products, precious metals, industrial metals, etc. The value of the index depends on...

debit card vs credit card

When to Choose a Debit Card vs a Credit Card

There is no right or wrong answer when the question is to choose between a credit or debit card. All that matters is whether you have understood the pros and cons of each. Most of the millennials are opting for...

golden rules of wealth management

Golden Rules of Wealth Management

Who doesn’t want to be rich? Just dreaming or aspiring isn’t enough. It would be best if you acted towards it. With a goal in mind and discipline to achieve it, you can be rich. However, this is not something...

investing on sms whatsapp stock tips

Investing on SMS/WhatsApp stock tips? Beware!

Have you ever received a stock tip SMS or WhatsApp message? Most likely it’s a manipulator trying to loot you. These messages typically carry a fantasy about a hidden opportunity in a stock that it is going to move up...

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rbis rate cut

RBI’s rate cut – Good or Bad for you?

The Reserve Bank of India in its bimonthly meeting in February 2019 has cut the benchmark policy rate by 25 basis points and is currently at 6.25%. With this rate cut, the central bank has changed its stance to ‘neutral’...

guaranteed life insurance plans

Don’t fall for guaranteed life insurance plans

Life insurance is a popular tax saving instrument and should be a part of financial planning and goals set. There are several kinds of life insurance plans in the Indian market. Guaranteed life insurance plans sound like a good deal....

life insurance claims

Life Insurance Claims over 3 Years Cannot be Rejected

Insurance companies cannot reject claims made on policies over three years. According to the Insurance Laws (Amendment) Act 2015 Section 45 no claim can be repudiated (rejected) after 3 years of the policy being in force even if the fraud...