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active funds vs passive funds

Passive Vs Active Mutual Funds

Mutual fund investments have become quite popular in India. As an investor, while investing in mutual funds, it is essential to understand their portfolios and how they are managed. Portfolio management means how the fund manager buys and sells underlying assets...

common account number

Common Account Number (CAN)

The Mutual Fund Utilities (MFU) platform is a common shared platform used by AMCs in India. This platform makes it easier for investors to manage their investments. Through Common Account Number (CAN), investors can register with the MFU platform to...

active mutual funds

Active Mutual Funds

What are Active Mutual Funds? Active mutual funds are a type of mutual funds where the fund manager plays an active role in deciding whether to buy, sell or hold the investments. Active funds employ a variety of strategies in...

equity funds vs debt funds

Equity Funds vs Debt Funds

Mutual funds offer a wide range of investment solutions to meet the different investment needs of individuals. Also, there are different mutual funds that may be suitable for individuals with varying risk appetites. As an investor, you may have different...

best date for sip

Best Date for SIP in Mutual Funds 2024

We all want to make the best out of our investments. When it comes to buying something, we all want it at the best (lowest) price possible - be it while booking a flight or vacation or buying mutual funds...

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multicap vs focused equity funds

Multi Cap vs Focused Equity Funds

There are different types of equity funds that are categorised based on their investment strategy and also underlying portfolio composition. Some are based on market capitalisation, some have a sectoral theme, and some have a different investment strategy. In this...

advantages of mutual funds

Advantages And Benefits of Mutual Funds in India Any Investment plan has its own advantages, be it for a short term or long term. Investors are usually keen on investing in Mutual Funds because of the risk management. However, needless to say, these investments also come with...

how to stop sip

How to Stop SIP?

Many of them are aware of Systematic Investment Plan SIP. It is a way where investors can invest in mutual funds. Here, investors can regularly invest in a disciplined manner. A fixed sum of money is invested periodically - weekly,...