Quite a few of our members start by thinking that Scripbox is meant “only for beginners”, but as they get a better understanding of how our service works, they recognize that Scripbox does in an automated manner, what they would do on their own – minus the effort.

Once you understand how equity mutual funds work and the role they play in your investment portfolio, an experienced investor typically has 3 or 4 options:

1. Invest via a bank/ wealth manager

2. Invest directly by going to the Mutual Fund Company’s website,

3. Invest via aggregator sites which offer all mutual fund schemes, or

4. Choose Scripbox.

Each option has its own pros and cons and is suitable for a certain kind of investor. Most people, once they understand our differentiated approach, choose to go with Scripbox.

When you invest through Scripbox, you get:

1. Scientific and unbiased fund recommendations. Our recommended funds have done more than 3% better than the market. There are over 8,000 mutual fund schemes out there, choosing the best funds is the hardest part. Scripbox chooses the four best equity funds using a scientific process. All you have to do is just put in the money and decide how much and when to invest.

While you can do this on your own, our value comes from the fact that we compare across the entire universe of funds – not just a few popular ones; and we are never too busy to spend the time and effort required to do a thorough analysis.

2. Review the selection of funds every year and recommend a change if better funds are available. This has added 1% to the return of our investors every year.

As you well know, the performance of funds changes over time. This means that you must regularly review your portfolio. Scripbox does this for you diligently year after year and prompts you to make changes if required.

3. Tracking your holdings and exiting a fund only when you are not losing money on exit load and tax, with the help of our tax-efficient algorithms. This is especially relevant for SIP investors as keeping track of long term is very difficult. You could lose as much as 2.5% of your return to exit load & taxes if you are not careful.

Experienced investors recognize that steps 2 and 3 are as important, if not more, than step 1 for successful investing. So if you want to invest in equity mutual funds smartly, Scripbox is the best way to do so – whether you are just getting started or are an experienced investor.7