30 is an age of revelations. We learn a lot about who we are as individuals and the rate at which we allow experimentation in our lives reduces substantially by this age. We know certain truths about ourselves.

What all this ends up doing is to make us relatively more mature and long term in our thinking and decisions. We are far more selective in what we want in our lives.

It is also the age when money becomes more than a means to an end. It becomes a goal.

We are at that stage of our careers when we have a decent amount of experience behind us and no one consider us “newbs”. Our salaries start looking respectable for the most part but our responsibilities have also increased. A lot of us have families now and their future is tied to ours.

Money, thus, is more than something we use to meet expenses or have fun. Our savings are more than an affectation and investing to grow these savings has now become more of a necessity.

We take the time to read and understand because we have now begun to realize the “too long, didn’t read” excuse often proves expensive.

This new-found maturity is the key reason why our 30s are a smart age to start with our equity investing journey. Starting in our 20s is smarter of course but our 20s are also the age when we can afford to make a mistake or two.

We are also now used to the idea of saving and it feels more like a habit rather than an afterthought. In our 20s, saving is difficult not because we might not want to but more so because we simply don’t have enough left thanks to the salaries we start at.

So take heart, if you are 30 and feel it’s too late to invest in equity. In fact, you have begun at a smart age. If you want to learn more about what’s the next step to take, here’s what you should read.