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What's Your #MoneyResolution2018?

Here’s how you can achieve your money resolution for this year.

We ran a survey a couple of weeks ago, asking you “What’s your money resolution in the new year 2018?”.

Almost 700 of you responded. Thank you!

We picked a bunch of interesting resolutions - ones where we could help.

The Popular Money Resolutions for 2018

#1. Save Rs. 1 lakh

Here’s an easy to follow plan for getting to your goal.

Once you reach the goal amount, here’s what you can do with it. Go the extra mile with your goals.

#2. Be a minimalist

Being a minimalist is a lifestyle but one that has a big bearing on your finances too. You choose not to acquire (spend on) things which you don’t need without sacrificing the things and experiences that are really important to you.

Travel lightly, eat simple meals, shop only what’s absolutely essential, etc. It will require some serious commitment, but once you do it, it would work wonders for your financial well-being.

BTW: Scripbox takes a minimalist approach to investing, only 10 best mutual funds in 4 essential categories.

#3. Save more, spend less

We were frankly pleasantly surprised to see how many of you chose this. Kudos on the determination. Here’s what you can do to make this happen in a way that doesn’t bother your lifestyle too much. We call it “power spending”.

#4. Earn more, so that I can spend as I desire

This practical plan will help you invest in an optimized way, such that you will eventually be able to replace your salary and spend the surplus money however you wish to.

#5. Travel the world with my savings

A very millennial dream indeed! But it needn’t remain a dream. If planned for in advance, such trips and breaks are possible without quitting your job and within your means and savings. Whether it’s a solo backpacking trip across Europe or a holiday with your spouse, all you need is a travel fund and some bookings made ahead of time.

We sincerely hope that your goals will find more strength through our simple and pragmatic plans.

Wish you a financially secure 2018!

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