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What's Power Spending?

Spend on the right things at the right time. And don't forget to #ScripboxBeforeUnbox!

‘Power spending’ is about spending your hard earned pennies smartly (don’t know about you but that’s what my salary feels like!). You don’t just pay for what you get. You try to get more value from the same amount spent on fuller experiences. Here’s what you can do become a power spender.

#1. Buy experiences, not ‘stuff’:

Sales, ads, and notifications will always nudge you towards buying that extra pair of sunglasses or an expensive watch. But research says that experiences, such as a road trip, or a family vacation abroad give you more happiness.
Your pennies are limited, spend them for maximum benefit.

#2. Don’t spend big money, if cheaper alternatives are available:

Not every weekend calls for an outing to the pub. Instead, you could cook at home and be your own bartender. Try to do this every weekend, host your friends, avoid traffic and save on the commute.
Same experience, smarter execution!

#3. Buy things in the sale season:

Be it a washing machine, or household furniture, keep an eye out for e-commerce sales, look in the newspapers for discounts in local stores.
You will have a considerable saving, and definitely get more value from the same money.

#4. Spend on what matters to you:

While it is more fun to spend on experiences, it is also wise to spend on whatever makes you happy.
If you had to choose between buying expensive speakers because you are a music buff, or buying an expensive wine for your friend’s birthday, choose the former.
(It’s okay to be a little selfish sometimes!)

While a lot of these tips may seem easier said than done, they are actually very easy to accomplish.

Spend on the right things at the right time. Save a little before you spend it all.

And don't forget to Scripbox before you unbox.


Congratulations, you are now a power spender!

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