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What Is Scripbox Long Term Wealth?

Most of your savings will be used for meeting needs that are far into the future.

Actually, it’s your long-term money!

Most of your savings will be used for meeting needs that are far into the future.

#1. Money for your retirement.

#2. Money for your currently young children’s education or marriage.

#3. Money for the dream of someday being rich.

Therefore this is your long-term money and needs to grow. Since you have time on your side, you can also benefit from compounding.

Where is my Long Term Wealth invested?

We recommend equity mutual funds as the smartest, easiest, and the most appropriate way to achieve this goal.

#1. Equity mutual funds grow money the most over the long-term among all available options. It’s proven by data and experience. Here’s the math.

#2. Equity mutual funds beat inflation by enough margin that the money you withdraw after all that time is worth what your goal amount was.

What will Scripbox Long Term Wealth do to your savings?

#1. It will grow your money over the long-term at an assumed rate in excess of 12% (historical returns of equity mutual funds).

#2. It will protect your money from inflation (so far it has).

#3. All your gains will be tax-free after your investments complete one year.

What will you experience?

#1. Your investments will fluctuate periodically in the short-term. They will do both – go up by a big margin and fall by a big margin. That’s OK. It will not matter in the long run.

#2. If you stay invested for the recommended duration (7 years or beyond) you will see your investments, slowly but steadily, grow to significant sums that you wouldn’t think would be possible considering how much you invest. That’s compounding for you. More on that here.

#3. You are likely to start feeling rich and make smarter financial choices :)

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