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What Does It Mean To You To Be Rich?

What is your definition of "rich"? Share with us!

The story goes that film director Mahesh Bhatt was once asked what does it mean to him to be rich, and he replied, "To walk into a book-store and be able to buy any book I want without ever looking at the price." That's a simple and real example of feeling rich.

At Scripbox, we believe that money is a means to an end, and not an end in itself. As you save money for a future far away, somewhere it helps to be able to answer this question - "What does it mean to you to be rich?", and answer it in a tangible and real way.

While we focus on growing wealth for you, our customer, we would love to hear your answer on what wealth means to you, and what change that will bring in the little things you love to do.

Do share with us in 2-3 lines what does it mean for you to be rich. Send an email to with your answer.

All unique answers will be published on our blog anonymously, unless you tell us that we can mention your name.

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