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This Mother’s Day, help your mother get maxi-mum returns

Scripbox celebrates the biggest investor in our lives: our mothers. This Mother’s Day, celebrate your mother’s investment in you by giving back for all she’s given you.

Life is incomplete without your mother. Be it the day we were born or the time we started making our own decisions, most of us have had our mother’s playing a crucial role in our lives. They’re always around, cheering us on when we win and encouraging us to try harder when we don’t. There is nothing mom-entary about a mother’s love.

Even outside of the obvious incidents of pouring love and effort into our upbringing, mothers have always defied all the rules to give us everything and expected nothing in return.

Help ease her burdens

In every scenario, your mother is your right-hand man. When you’re ill, it’s her nurturing hand that heals. When you fall, it is her support that helps you get back up. As your mother enters a new period in her life, make sure she is provided for with the same care that she has given you. Help her find the perfect umbrella to weather every storm. Follow this link to find out more: Health insurance is a part of your emergency fund

Start her on a new road

Remember all the times you found yourself at the crossroads of life, torn between the multitude of options available. In such a situation, your mother has been your pillar and your pedestal, allowing you to be confident in every step of the way. You too can cement your mother’s yellow brick road into a sturdy financial future. Help her kickstart her financial journey by following this link: 4 tips for women looking to kick-start their financial journey

Give her a new lease on life

Motherhood is not a job one signs up for, complains about, or resigns from. At any age, it is impossible for a mother to stop being a mother. It doesn’t matter if you are old and graying, you will always remain her child. As a gift to your longest running (and best) boss, help your mother ease into retirement with this guide: A quick thumb rule for retirement planning

As George Eliot puts it, life begins as you wake up to your mother’s face. Look upon the face now, it holds the same love and care it had the moment you were born. It may be wrinkled, paler, freckled, but it is the most pure embodiment of love that you will ever see. Add a smile to that face today, and give your mother the returns she deserves. Happy Mother’s Day to the world’s best investors!

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