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Use your digital wallet to pay for your bus fares.

If you are a Banglorean, you would have traveled in BMTC buses at least once. The hunt for coins and change that accompanies such trips might become a thing of the past come January, 2016.

You will soon be able to use bank issued pre-paid cards to pay for your bus fares. These fares can be as low as Rs 6. This move is part of a larger shift in India where technology, especially mobile, is fast changing how we deal with money and especially how we use it. From buying groceries to paying for cab fares we now use digital money paid from digital wallets.

This move is so powerful that we are moving ahead of traditional systems that western countries have in place for a digital payment system.

What Should You Do?

Digital Wallets and payment systems are fast becoming a default option for your daily needs. Apply adequate security measures and find out which aspects of your money life can you turn digital. This will make life more convenient for you and your family.

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