All of us know, or have heard of, someone who is simply ‘lucky’ when it comes to money. Whatever they touch seems to turn into gold. The person seems to have the Midas touch and all this seems to come easily for them.

Being lucky, seems totally illogical and unscientific and as a result the human mind rejects the possibility of developing the art of being lucky. On the other hand, Dr Richard Wiseman did a detailed study on the psychological difference between lucky and unlucky people and wrote about it in his book “The Luck Factor”. Here is our take on the 4 key psychological factors and how you can use it to become lucky with your investments.

1. Maximize chance opportunities

Lucky people are out there understanding various opportunities available to them. This could be either interacting with people or learning about different ways to invest through other forms of learning. It is not done with the objective of acting on it immediately, but just to understand and have an open mind. The more you look around and learn, the more opportunities open up. More opportunities leads to more chances. Go out there, experience and learn.

2. Listen to your lucky hunches 

Lucky folks seem to have a clear mind, in some cases even a meditative mind. There is no urgency to act, even after seeing and understanding several options to invest.

A calm mind, which has seen several opportunities, seems to have a tendency to listen to lucky hunches. Somewhere their intuition points them towards the right opportunities. In many cases, such good hunches happen when others think otherwise.

3. Expect good fortune

Having a positive attitude towards finance is an important factor. There will be ups and downs, but lucky people firmly believe that they will have good luck and will achieve their financial goals – probably beat them by a wide margin. The learned and patient optimist can’t go wrong.

4. Turn bad luck into good

Now this is the difficult bit. There will be time when things turn bad or there are strong head winds. Some folks blame it on bad luck and back out. Lucky people always try to find out the positive outcomes of the bad situation and make the best of it.

Once you are lucky with finances, things come easy. Maybe some people are born lucky, but the study does indicate one can train themselves to be lucky. Perhaps, you too can learn to be lucky. Try and find out. Good Luck.