SEBI regulations requires each fund to be classified amongst one of the following 36 different categories.

sebi number of fund categories
sebi equity schemes
sebi debt funds
sebi hybrid schemes
sebi solution oriented schemes
sebi other schemes

* Mutual Funds will be permitted to offer either Value fund or Contra fund.

**Provisions of SEBI Circular No SEBI/IMD/DF/19/2010 dated November 26, 2010 shall be followed for Uniform cut-off timings for applicability of Net Asset Value in respect of Liquid Fund and Overnight Fund.

$ All provisions mentioned in SEBI circular SEBI/IMD/CIR No.13/150975/09 dated January 19, 2009 in respect of liquid schemes shall be applicable.

# Please refer to the page number of the Offer Document on which the concept of Macaulay’s Duration has been explained.

^ Words/ phrases that highlight/ emphasize only the return aspect of the scheme shall not be used in the name of the scheme (for instance Credit Opportunities Fund, High Yield Fund, Credit Advantage etc.).

@ Mutual Funds will be permitted to offer either an Aggressive Hybrid fund or Balanced fund.

## Foreign securities will not be treated as a separate asset class.