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Scripbox Editor’s Picks - 2017

To help you kickstart 2018 on the right note, we present interesting reads of 2017, from the editor’s desk!

To help you kickstart 2018 on the right note, we present interesting reads of 2017, from the editor’s desk!

#1. Why Money Should Be A Priority For A 25-Year-Old Woman: At Scripbox, we are all for financial feminism! And this short read strongly recommends why money must be a high priority for women in their 20s. To not just earn well, but to save correctly is the need of the hour for the urban Indian woman.

#2. I am 26. Why should I bother about boring stuff like investing??: For the young guns who are at their first or second job, this article will make a lot of sense. When you are new to the thrill earning money, you tend to forget to factor in the future. This short article helps you assess your circumstances and make you strive towards financial freedom.

#3. “I am 32 and married. Am I saving enough?”: When your marriage is young, you are often faced with this question regarding your finances. This simple read answers that question. It tells you what you may be lacking in, in terms of savings, and steer you towards doing the needful.

#4. Your Secret Stash of Rs 1 Crore or More: We duly pay our provident fund commitments every year, but we forget what that contribution might yield. This insightful read tells you how much you may end up saving through EPF. And it’s a whopping Rs. 1 crore!

#5. How 10% Of Your Home Loan EMI Could Earn Back Your Loan: A home loan is often among the biggest money decisions you take in life. Here’s how you can get that money back by doing something a little more disciplined with your money (hint: an SIP with as little as Rs. 1500)!

Bonus read

5 Reads to Help you Make the Right Career Choices: To make the right career choice is always a challenge. The pros and cons of switching jobs can be very taxing for the mind. So we have compiled a bunch or helpful articles which tell you the important factors to consider when you are contemplating a switch, and even after you move jobs.

Let us know in the comments below if these articles help you make the right decisions for your money.

And have a fantastic year ahead!

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