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Scripbox Before You Unbox

Go out and have fun. Just save enough before you spend.

How often have you spent money on an impulse, driven by attractive advertising or a 50% off sale, and regretted it the next day?

When you get your credit card statement, does it make you rethink and regret some of your purchases?

This regret, guilt even, reduces the happiness that we get from our spends.

Can we avoid that regret?

I can almost hear you thinking: here is another preachy article telling me not to spend.

Don’t worry. I won’t tell you not to spend your money. All the money that you work hard for ultimately needs to be spent to meet your needs and those of your loved ones. And yes, some of those can, and should, be indulgences!

Part of our regret with impulsive spends comes from knowing that we could have saved our money and used it for something else. The best way to eliminate that regret is to ensure that you always have money for that ‘something else’. That won’t happen if you have a zero bank balance, or worse, credit card debt.

But, if you have already set aside enough money for the future, you don’t need to control your spending or feel guilty about the spends later.

Go out and have fun. Spend it any which way you want without later regrets.

Just save enough before you spend.

Scripbox before you Unbox.


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