Multiple credit cards can seem fun, but they sure are heavy on your pocket. You may like to use credit cards for shopping (online and otherwise), travel bookings, weekend spends, impulse purchases every now and then.

Though you may prefer to have several credit cards for different purposes, it makes sense to find out that one important need which you use your credit card for, which you absolutely cannot do without.

For instance, if your work requires a lot of traveling, then opt for a credit card that gives you credit points for the miles you travel.

If your work requires you to commute within the city, you can take a credit card that gives you points, which can be redeemed at select petrol pumps.

The basic idea is to get the maximum value from your expenses.

When you reduce your credit cards to just one, you can manage your expenses in a much easier way, because:

#1. You can automate all your monthly bill payments, using the credit card, without having to split different expenses on different cards.

#2. At the end of every month, you need not spend much time tallying all your expenses with different card statements – you need to check only one statement, simplifying the whole process.

You must have just one credit card for instant liquidity, but more than that will only add to your stress, as if you miss paying even one bill, you:

#1. Risk your credit score for life

#2. You also might land yourself in the vicious debt cycle, with exorbitant interest charged

Reduce credit burden, live a stress-free life.

#TakeCharge series

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