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inflation and education

What you consider inflation, doesn’t work when it comes to these two expenses

Education expenses and medical expenses have historically overshot the average rate of price increase in an economy.

nri insurance india

Do NRIs need health insurance in India?

Considering the nature of your residency status and uncertainty on health insurance claims, you might wonder where should you get your health insurance. In this article, we answer this question in detail.

auto debit rule

All you need to know about RBI’s new auto-debit rule

RBI recently asked all the banks to use two-factor authentication for auto-debit transactions on their credit and debit cards. Let’s understand how it will affect your online transactions going forward.

nri indian equity allocation

NRI? Keep in mind these five factors when deciding your Indian equity allocation

As an NRI, you might be wondering if, and how much, you need to invest in Indian equity. The following factors will help you with the decision-making.

safety of capital

Can mutual funds give you safety of capital?

These funds are from the liquid fund and ultra-short term fund categories. You can use their unique features of low risk and stable returns to build the portion of your financial portfolio that caters to capital preservation.

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children education defence

How to plan for your child’s education, as defence services personnel

Your child’s education is something that a lot of your savings and investments will be geared towards. The fact that you can look forward to a pension post-retirement makes the decision-making process a bit simpler.

What makes more sense for defence services personnel – buying shares directly or going for equity mutual funds?

These days one of the main questions in front of many considering equity investing is whether they should buy shares directly through their brokers or invest indirectly through a portfolio of mutual funds. Let’s help you answer this question.

Quitting your 9 to 5 to leave the city behind? Consider these money aspects first.

If you plan well and manage your finances prudently, you can achieve your desire for a calm life away from the hustle-bustle of modern cities.