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What to keep in mind when planning your finances

Whenever you create a financial plan for yourself, you will need to make a set of assumptions. These will help you figure out how much and how long it will take to reach your financial goals.

cash allocation

Should you increase cash allocation at market peaks?

To be able to gather cash at market peaks by selling some of your existing equity holdings, you need to know the peak approaching, before it actually does. Is that even possible or practical?

floating interest rate bonds

Are floating-rate bond funds the right way to ride the rising interest rates?

Is there a way to benefit from rising interest rates? Mutual funds tout floating-rate bond funds as the answer.

3 reasons asset allocation

Three reasons why you need asset allocation

Asset allocation helps you align your investments to your goals, diversify risk, and avoid market timing.

not all goals need equity

Not all your goals need equity

While you may want the highest returns for all your goals, depending on equity to achieve all your goals is not the right approach to take.

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reit post budget 2021

Are REITs more lucrative after Budget 2021?

REITs are a relatively better way to invest in real estate. Has the most recent budget announcement made them more attractive for Indian investors? Let’s find out.

dabbling in bitcoins

What you ought to know before dabbling in Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies?

Let’s learn if the most talked-about new asset class of the recent months is actually worth your money.

one goal many instruments

One goal? You may still need more than one type of fund

The tenets of asset allocation often mean that while your goal may be one, you may require multiple financial instruments to achieve it.