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Its payday, you are all jumped up about the numbers swelling up in your account. But wait! before you go splurge that money on your wishlist for online purchases, are your financial goals sorted? Well for the uninitiated, all your life goals(or better put, your wants) can be translated to financial goals. Now you all might have heard Prof. Sahastrabudhhe quote in the comic relief 3 idiots, "Life is a race". Well not exactly, but yes it is a racetrack for sure and it has checkpoints to be covered. These checkpoints are your dreams, your wants in life. Something you have planned for and you intend to achieve it. Now comes the dilemma, I have only so much, I spend so much and all that I can invest is so much.. and hence the big question, HOW DO I ACHIEVE ALL MY GOALS?! 

Have you heard of investing solely for a goal alone, probably not. For those who don't know what it is, it is a wealth management methodology wherein, you invest for each of your goals individually, on a need-want basis. Well to be realistic, not all your wants are needs. So primarily, why not cover up for the wants, which are your needs. Hence the first step to investing this way is to rationalise the goals you set for, in this journey. Now your checkpoints are set, all that you need to do is, invest in products that help you cover these checkpoints.

So where do we fit in, along this journey?

We can show you the right product to invest in, to achieve your goals. Hence help us know your goals better, by filling out this survey.


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