Have you ever wondered why you do what you do? The choices you make? The “why” behind most of our actions are rooted in what we call a “mindset”. Your mindset is basically the rule book your mind creates based on which it assesses, decides, and acts on events as well as circumstances that you find yourself facing. 

It is what decides whether you grit your teeth in determination or worry without end when you face a challenge. In many ways, it decides how you are going to “feel” about life in general.

Mindset is not only the foundation of your dreams and aspirations, but it also helps you convert them into a living reality. 

Scarcity – what we know well

Most of us are familiar with scarcity and are wired to operate better in a world with scarcity.

Pragmatism and survival dictate that we know how to make decisions when scarcity is the driving factor. That’s how evolution made us.

We have progressed a long way from our hunter-gatherer past. But, with a mind that is still stuck in that era in more ways than one. Anxiety and obesity, are but two examples of outcomes of scarcity focused behaviours that were useful once, but are counterproductive today.

Similarly, this “over-optimisation” for scarcity affects our mindset as well. This mindset makes us believe that almost everything in the world is limited. While true for physical objects, it is less so for opportunities and experiences and most importantly our own capacities. 

Abundance – a way of thinking

Abundance is real, and here’s why. Most of us weren’t born into riches. We have, rather, started small but built something we can be at least somewhat proud of – our careers, family, and our wealth so far.

This would not have been possible if we thought opportunities for growth were limited or if our circumstances were set in stone. Life flows and so do our circumstances. 

This also translates into the idea that there is a certain abundance, in life. If we believe that there are abundant ways to grow and thus an abundance of opportunities to build a better life, this can change how we think about life in general.

This belief is called an “abundance mindset” – that there is an abundance of opportunities, experiences and ways to grow in life.

Abundance in wealth

An abundance way of thinking can also influence, for the better, how you look at your wealth creation efforts.

Abundance empowers you with the ability to believe that your aspirations can become real. This belief in possibility allows you to start building goals. Goals are nothing but your dreams with a plan and spreadsheet attached. 

So let’s not sell our dreams and aspirations short. Let’s think and plan with a mindset that envisions abundance more than scarcity. We will explore this idea further on our blog and discuss how this mindset can help you grow your wealth without compromising on your peace of mind.