Here are 5 ways to spot a person who is actually rich.

#1. Their spontaneity in planning and selecting vacation destinations

A person who is actually rich does not choose vacation destinations based on their commercial popularity. Such a person goes to places that attract his interest and attention. 

The person also chooses to go when they want to rather than when tickets are priced lower. You will find them taking off on foreign trips without much pre-planning.

#2. Their choice of schools for their children

Genuinely rich people send their children to schools that hold a good reputation and are known for their academic excellence and contributions. They do not believe in schools that just provide luxuries without working on the child’s education.

Their ultimate goal is to provide their children with a good education, along with relative comfort.

#3. Their gifts to friends and loved ones

A person who is actually rich believes in gifts that are thoughtful as well as meaningful. They do not believe in gifts that are just expensive and over the top but have no meaning or emotions attached.

#4. Their donations to causes they care about

A rich person will almost always make donations and charities towards a cause they personally believe in. For a person that is actually rich, money serves as a means and a resource to contribute to something that they feel strongly about.

#5. Their children have a financially independent and secure future

Children coming from a wealthy family may enjoy the luxury of being able to afford almost anything. In case of the “real” rich though, these children don’t necessarily have it easy.

A rich person will not only invest and leave behind abundant resources for his family, but he also ensures that his children become financially independent and learn the value of the money that they earn. These children are taught to handle their expenses and money from a very early age.