When your finances are tight, it may be difficult to donate money. However, giving back to the community is not just about making monetary contributions. There are many ways to do it that don’t involve your bank account. 

First of all, make a list of causes that are close to your heart. It will help you remain focused towards your preferred charities and not get emotionally swayed by unsolicited appeals. Later, look at ways to contributing towards it by way of volunteering. Figure out what skills and talent of yours could be handy. Perhaps as a web-designer, you might want to help them manage their website. 

Moreover, it need not always be about aligning with non-profit organisations. It could be as simple as teaching to street kids or computers to elders in the neighbourhood. Perhaps you might want to run a marathon to create awareness for a burning social cause. 

Volunteering need not be an elaborate affair and can be done for as little as an hour a week.

You can also create your own social campaign and challenge your friends and relatives to match your charity. Charity shows and parties are other options.

Start a campaign

If you are technology-savvy, you can also start a social media campaign to raise funds. Crowd funding platforms allow individuals and organisations to raise funds for varied causes, social and otherwise. So, if someone deserving but unable to come up with money for a critical surgery, help him or her with a crowdfunding campaign. 

You can also create your own social campaign and challenge your friends and relatives to match your charity. Charity shows and parties are other options.

Sell/Donate unused items

Perhaps you might want to reduce the clutter in your home by selling unwanted items. From toys, furniture, cloths, household appliances or electronic items, the list is endless. You can sell and donate the money collected for your cause. 

Corporate matching gifts

Corporate philanthropy and corporate social responsibility are increasingly gaining ground. Some MNCs offer employee matching gift programs whereby they match donations made by employees to eligible non-profit organisations. 

It will essentially double up donations made to these organisations. Check with your HR, regarding the eligibility, paperwork and the deadlines to make the most of it. It often differs with donor’s status within the company, while requiring you to comply with their internal guidelines.

Business Sense

Giving back makes lasting impact on customers and employees, while also opening up networking opportunities. Businesses can encourage volunteerism within the organisation by offering paid-time off for their employees. 

If nothing else, keep a collection jar at the counter for a charity close to your heart. 

Start a fund

You can start a charity fund too. Small monthly contributions from your income towards charity can be invested into a mutual fund. When it grows to a sizeable amount, you can make the donations. 

In a Nutshell

There are plenty of options to donate for a cause without it pinching your pocket. A little planning and creative thinking makes all the difference.