Everyone at Scripbox is working hard to enhance the user experience on our app and website. Many exciting changes, and improvements, are coming your way. These changes are slated to be rolled out over the next few months. With these improvements, we are making Scripbox easier to use, while enhancing the sophisticated wealth management you have come to expect from us.

A comprehensive list of the planned improvements –

New ‘Home’ screen

A new home screen with all the information  you need in one place: 

Action Plan, will show you how your finances are doing across multiple dimensions and give you a recommended list of actions.

Wealth, will give you easy access to an overview of your overall wealth split across different financial products, with critical insights.

News, will interpret any confusing headlines in plain English, and highlight any market news that requires your attention. You can choose what to read –  a weekly recap or a detailed analysis of news as it happens.

Personalised portfolio recommendations

We are saying goodbye to the curated portfolio approach we pioneered and will replace it with a highly personalised portfolio construction.

Your portfolio will be personalised by taking into account your risk profile, asset allocation for your chosen objective, the size of your overall portfolio and existing funds in your portfolio.

Choice of asset allocation

We’ve always maintained that asset allocation is the most important element of your investment plan. You will now have a choice of evidence-based asset allocations. We will recommend the right one based on your objective & risk assessment, but you can also customise it.

Planning & investing for life goals

You can create dedicated plans for life goals such as retirement or your children’s education. Use our advanced tools to estimate your goal, create a personalised financial plan, decide on the right mix of investments, implement the plan, and keep it on track. 

Mapping all your investments to a purpose

We know that you don’t invest in only mutual funds to meet your objectives. So, we will introduce the option to add your other investments and map them to a “Purpose”.

For example, you will be able to add an existing FD in your bank and tag it to your Emergency Fund, or add your EPF balance and tag it to your Retirement Fund. Our algorithms will then consider these for the target asset allocation and adjust investment recommendations accordingly.

Audit your mutual fund portfolio, including investments you have outside Scripbox

Our most appreciated feature, Portfolio Audit, reviews your entire mutual fund portfolio (including your family’s investments) and gives you exit & reinvestment recommendations.

We will now be able to do more than a review of your funds and give you the opportunity to visualise your investment journey over the years.

All the analysis you need in one place

We are building a new ‘Advice’ screen which will bring together a detailed and real-time analysis of your wealth, with suggestions on how to improve things.

Improved notifications

We’ve improved the notifications feature to ensure that you don’t miss out on taking corrective action on time. Our algorithms will monitor your investments and notify you when an action is required.

Share your account information with family members

You can add family members and give them access to view your investments on Scripbox. They will only have view access and cannot take action on these investments. This will help create visibility on your investments that can be shared with your spouse/family.

Bidding goodbye to Bank FDs & US Stocks

We are choosing not to continue the option to invest in bank FDs via Axis Bank, and in US stocks via Stockal.

You can always reach out to me at “sanjiv_singhal@scripbox.com” to let me know what you think of these changes and what you’d like to see more of on Scripbox.