It’s that time of the month when you get your salary. You are now probably figuring out all the bills you have to take care of and all the expenses you need to plan for.

We’d like you to stop thinking about all that for a minute and answer a simple question.

You got paid, but did you pay yourself?

Surprised? Ok answer this question then:

How much money would you call your own and how much belongs to all your expenses?

If you aren’t paying yourself first then you are just making a living for your expenses.

What do we mean by paying yourself first?

We mean Savings.

Savings are what you pay yourself out of the money you earn. It could be a few hundred rupees or it could be 20%-30% of your salary. That’s the first step towards the day when you live for yourself rather than for your expenses.

PS: An easy way to make savings a habit – Start Investing. To learn more about how to do that, go here.