Safe Retirement is an achilles heel for many considering the inflation in the country. While most struggle to maintain a basic lifestyle post retirement, many continue to work even after the retirement age to maintain their standard of living. Do you know that one can retire wealthy by following some basic rules? Here are top four things that can make your retirement stress free.

1. Strategise your fixed and variable income

Building a laddered portfolio comprising of several debt products of different durations will help you garner overall better growth rates, after retirement. Post retirement part of your retirement corpus should also go to a place that will generate a fixed monthly income for you. Products such as Liquid Funds or Senior Citizens Savings Schemes, Post Office Monthly income schemes can help. 

2. Insurance

This is an area that needs to be given importance in your early years. Buy additional health cover for you and your immediate family members even if you do have a health cover from your employer to ensure adequate health coverage in your golden years. Take appropriate term insurance if you are the sole breadwinner in the family. Also, if you, or your spouse, is not eligible for insurance or are underinsured considerably it is advisable to keep at least six months of monthly expenses available as cash in hand for emergency medical conditions or hospitalisation and the likes, once you retire. 

3. Liquidity

Have enough liquidity in place and a bit more if you have more than one dependent. This amount could be parked in liquid mutual funds or ultra-short-term debt funds. Having this would help you take care of expenses that can arise as a contingency or even otherwise help offset inflating costs quite a bit. Additionally, these may offer better returns than fixed deposits. 

4. Nest-Egg

A little bit of planning can help you accumulate a good retirement corpus. For instance, consider investing in equity linked mutual fund schemes right till near retirement.  

The above thumb rules can make your retired life as easy as possible, however not necessarily cover everything. You should take help from certified financial planning experts to guide your portfolio and form a more customised plan for your retirement. After all, retiring from work life is always a personal decision and the goal should be to live through it to your fullest, without exhausting your nest-egg.