If you are an Upwardly investor wondering what the move to Scripbox entails, here’s a quick look at what’s in store.

1. Bring in the family!

  • You can create family accounts now and manage them in one place. At Scripbox, you can create family accounts under the main account and invest and manage them using a single login. 

2. Goals and Objectives

  • You will gain access to additional Plans, as well as goals in addition to what you had access to.
  • You will gain access to Principal Protection and Growth which is a smart asset allocation that keeps your principal secure while also allowing you to invest systematically in equity.
  • You can invest in new goals & modify your existing goals created on Upwardly.
  • You will now also be able to close a goal and move money towards other goals.
  • You will be able to set a target for your plans and start tracking progress towards them as you invest.
  • Finally, all your existing goals and your invested plans will continue on Scripbox.
  • You can modify them, invest more or withdraw from these investments just as you do on Upwardly.
  • Goals and Plans of Upwardly that you have not invested in, will not be available on Scripbox. 

3. Support and Assistance that’s world-class

  • Scripbox’s world-class support will now be available to you. You can reach us on: 1800-102-1265 help@scripbox.com
  • You can now reach out via Whatsapp too, along with Email, chat and call support. 
  • In case you want to make any changes to your account  (Address, Bank, Nominee), then they can all be done online quickly without a hassle instead of writing to your RM or emailing the support team.

4. How investing and withdrawing will become better

  • An important feature, Scripbox Smart Withdraw ™, a tax-efficient algorithm for withdrawal, will now be available on all plans, goals and fund investments.
  • You can now Modify and Cancel your SIP investments from your dashboard. No need to email or call anyone!
  • You can continue to invest more, withdraw your existing investments in plans, goals or funds
  • You can continue to invest in individual funds if you wish to. Please contact your RM to show you how this can be done.

5. Fund recommendation that’s tried and tested

  • You will now gain access to the proven Scripbox algorithm with 8 years track record behind it. You will gain a more comprehensive approach to fund recommendation: Objective driven portfolios > Asset allocation across categories to achieve those objectives > Fund Selection to pick the best fund for each category
  • You will also get access to Scripbox opinion. This is a unique rating methodology that gives you an actionable perspective on every fund.

6. Filing taxes is less painful now

  • This tedious task will now become easier as you get access to Capital Gains statements, Investment history, fund statements. They are all available for download in PDF and Excel with a single click! 
  • You will also get easy access to investment proofs for your 80C investments.

7. Monitoring & review of your investments

  • Your investments in Upwardly Plans & Goals now get the benefit of Scripbox Annual Portfolio Rebalance ™, Portfolio Scan ™ , and Portfolio Review TM every 4 months to identify switch, exit or continue recommendations. This will now mean that your investments will benefit from an even better monitoring process so you are always invested in what’s best for that objective.
  • Also, actions for plan level recommendations will now be automated. You will also now have access to your Goals’ performance reports.
  • You will continue to see your SIP Summary, Funds invested and performance of Goals, Plans and Funds. 

8. What’s different?

  • You will no longer be able to Invest in a fund directly from the performance page 
  • Fixed Maturity funds, SWP, Switch from Debt to Equity and vice versa will be available soon
  • You will not be able to invest in a few funds that do now allow Lump Sum investments. If you have invested in them before, you can invest more via SIP or one time investments.
  • Your funds invested will now be visible under specific plans and goals. You will also see your entire investment history for each plan or goal.  If you have invested in funds outside of Plans & Goals, these funds will be consolidated under a new Plan called “Wealth Edge”. You can continue to invest in funds of your choice under this plan.
  • XIRR and Absolute growth at overall portfolio, plan and fund level would not be visible. It will be replaced with CAGR at the Plan level.

9. Access to Scripbox Blog

  • You will also get access to the popular Scripbox blog which has over 500 relevant and interesting articles around personal finance and investing.

10. Platforms you can access Scripbox on

We wish you a pleasant and hassle-free migration experience and welcome you to your new investment home.