Motherhood is a beautiful experience. However, it is also an expensive experience. Don’t let it take a bite out of you, and the beauty that is being a new mother. Plan wisely, and save ahead, so that you have a healthy corpus ready to provide for all the needs for your bundle of joy and yourself!

Here is what to expect when you are expecting for upto 12 months from the birth of your child, and how to provide for those costs with ease.*

*These are standard costs. Actuals differ from person-to-person.

Step 1: Calculate your expenses

Hospital expenses: 

Birth in a private hospital in India might cost:

  • Regular birth: Rs 30,000 – Rs 70,000
  • C-section: Rs 40,000 – Rs 2,00,000

Maternity insurance: 

The first thing to ensure is that your doctors and hospitals are covered under your insurance network.

Health insurance, on an average, provides a cover of upto Rs 50,000 for the costs associated with child-birth.

Assuming that you have the insurance, basis the above calculation, you will have to put aside upto Rs 1,50,000, depending on the kind of hospital and the birth-process you choose.

Maternity needs:

maternity needs

Baby’s needs:

baby needs
**Assuming 0-6 months is mother’s milk, and 6-12 months is baby supplements.

Vaccination charges:

Government clinics give this service for free, but if you are looking at private doctors/hospitals/clinics, it costs upto Rs 20,000.

So, it totals upto:

total chages
*These are standard costs. Actuals differ from person-to-person.

Step 2: Invest

Early planning, easy planning

If you are an early planner, and assuming that you have 3 years before you have a baby, our Short Term Funds are the perfect accompaniment to your life goals.

short term funds

Oops! It happened accidentally…

Don’t worry if you didn’t plan for this beautifully hectic phase of your life. We have you covered with our Emergency Fund, something that provides for all kinds of events, big and small. 

investment fund

Happy motherhood and investing to you!