Wealth Creation

long term investing

Revisiting what long term means in equity investing

How much longer do you need to be invested for long term returns to look reasonable? How long should a long-term portfolio continue for?

is it a good time to invest

Is it a good time to invest?

With the scenario worsening, there is one question on top of every mutual fund investor’s mind – Is it a good time to invest?

covid19 and the markets

COVID-19 and the markets – What can history tell us?

The Indian markets have reversed much of the recent gains seen till February, rather quickly and you may have seen your gains made over the past years shrink in a matter of days. And that makes you wonder what will happen to your money?

charity india

Create wealth for charity

Often charity is considered from our leftover funds, but you can just as easily convert that into a goal. Use the same concepts of wealth creation, start early, and stay for long periods.


Making sense of risk and why we need it

There are many such examples of risk-return trade off which we make consciously in our daily lives. In investing too there are varied types of risks, to achieve your return you have to know which ones to take and which ones to avoid.

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investing behaviour

Do you have good investing behaviour?

To know how you measure up on the investing behaviour graph, see if you conform to behaviour aspects given below.

young smiling indian

Start early, stay invested

When you do the numbers, the case for starting early becomes even more compelling.

thinking indian soft lighting

Why choosing funds first, and then thinking why, is a bad idea

The traditional thinking remains though. Most of us are still buying financial products first without really thinking about the utility.